Saturday, January 3, 2015

Catching up!

It has been a very long time since my last post here. It has been a very hectic six months and I have been spending far too much time on Ailleas Designs. Poor Selkie's Haunt had become the red-haired stepchild. But, no more. It is time for The Selkie's Haunt to receive the same amount of attention and so it shall.

'Wisp of Smoke' - A bronze necklace featuring a
phantom quartz focal and AA-graded smoky quartz
 and garnet, along with crystal quartz.
I have recently started using some wonderfully unusual stones for focals in necklaces. I found a source in the States - a woman who prepares the stones and is able to drill them for me. So far, I've had some lovely stones of phantom quartz, super seven stone, charoite and moss agate, amongst others. I'm really thrilled with these stones and they inspire me to create beautiful pieces. In addition, I've recently started buying some stones from a gem merchant in Jaipur, India. So now some of my designs are including A-AA graded stones. These are usually just small stones that I use for accents, but they give the pieces lots of sparkle.

In addition to new stones and new designs, I've added two new stockists. Lael Crafts Gallery is about 40 miles away on the road to Ullapool and the Aultbea Hotel has very kindly given me two shelves of the display cabinet next to their checkout area.  Both places have sold pieces successfully and I look forward to a new year of more sales with both of them.

Today, I made some major changes to the website. If you wish to see these changes, please go there by clicking the link here. I will be making some more pieces in this next week to bring the numbers of available items up in order to provide more variety.  Prices are extremely good for the quality of the materials used. (A recent blog I wrote for Ailleas Designs about pricing went down a treat and was reblogged by other artists. You can find it here.)

I am very proud of the business I have built with both my brands. While I have limited advertising funds just to Ailleas Designs, I am thinking about trying to get some exposure for The Selkie's Haunt as well. I do love the designs and the stones and the fun I have working with unlimited amounts of metal since there is no hallmarking law for the use of copper or bronze. And my designs are going to become more sculptural, more fine art inspired, as time goes on.

Please check out the site and the lovely pieces currently available. And know that more will be added shortly.

(I should also add that I am limiting my events in the first part of the year. My husband was diagnosed with coronary blockage and bowel cancer in early October, so things have been a bit tense and my business, to say the least, has had to take a back seat to getting him well. Surgery was in November and he starts chemo next week. Any and all supportive thoughts, prayers or vibes are most welcome.)