Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A new blog for a new way of doing things...

As of yesterday, June 1, the website for The Selkie's Haunt has changed from a transactional website to a catalogue request/information website. And because the brand's presence on the web is going to change, the necessity to blog more frequently is obvious. I have become pretty good about blogging for Ailleas Designs. I must put that same resolve to work for The Selkie's Haunt.

So, the change. The reason I have changed the site from transactional to information is very simple. My jewellery sells best from events and stockists and it makes no sense whatsoever to tie up my stock in hopes of web-based sales. I sell a great deal of the copper and bronze jewellery over the course of the year. But I sell where people can see the jewellery for themselves. I have long held that jewellery is best marketed where and when it can be seen, held, even tried on. Of course, for those who do buy from the web, they have always had my assurance that if they change their minds, a return and refund are without question. I am so sure of my work that I am happy to offer a return period not of the required 14 days, but a full 30 days.

The website will be updated from time to time with new pieces, but the main source for finding the newest designs will be on the brand's Facebook page, through this blog, and through the brand's newsletter. I've included a link to the newsletter registration at the bottom of this blog. I highly recommend you subscribe. New designs will show there first and you will be able to purchase pieces once they have been unveiled. It is my hope that my loyal customers, and any new customers, will find this a better and more personable way to purchase my handcrafted bronze and copper jewellery.

Over the past three months, I have been working hard on new designs - drawings at first - that will be made into reality during the months of June and July. I am very excited about these new designs; they will be far more complex than designs I have made thus far. I am very excited the new direction my work will go. I am hoping that I may be able to secure a gallery for an exhibition once these pieces, and similar pieces for Ailleas Designs, are available.

As with any art, we evolve as time passes. I look back on early designs and find that I have strayed from the original sculptural aspect of my work. This is something I wish to revisit, but with the added skills that come with six years of creating unique and bold designs.

Please do visit the website, sign up for the newsletter, and subscribe to this blog. You won't miss a moment of what is happening with this brand of beautiful bronze and copper jewellery. As an added bonus, I will be making a bespoke piece of jewellery for a subscriber chosen at random when the number of newsletter subscribers reaches 150. So, subscribe to not only be kept abreast of what is happening, but to have a chance at owning a piece of jewellery made with your choices of metal and stone and your input on the final design. Now that is an awesome prize!