Sunday, January 29, 2017

So much to do and so little time!

I shouldn't complain. Finding myself answering the phone and someone requesting a fine jewellery commission on the other end is amazing. There are times I have to laugh and think, well, it's only taken me eight years to get to this point! But I am so grateful. As I've changed my fine jewellery business to a more exclusive business (no transactional website and an emphasis on commissions in my advertising), I've been pleased to have the commissions. And they have kept me busy. In fact, they have kept me so busy, I haven't had time to make any new jewellery for The Selkie's Haunt. But I promise I will! I need to get some new pieces for my stockists and some new pieces for the website. But first, I need to make these gorgeous commissions!

Time management in running my own business has always been a bit of a challenge. I always meet deadlines, but sometimes it is a bit of a sprint at the end rather than a leisurely stroll to bring to the end of an assignment. In the Autumn and run up to Christmas, I had three commissions; since the New Year, I've had three more, plus two that are now waiting in the wings for me to open the schedule up again. And somewhere in there I will find the time to make new pieces for stockists, get the new display pieces for those same stockists, and somehow put together a presentation to take to potential stockists. Phew!

The end of March and the beginning of the market season will be here before the wink of an eye, and I must get ready for that, too. All in all, I'm going to be a very busy lady for the next three months or so. Long may it last!

I thank you for your interest in my jewellery designs and I hope to soon present you with more choice on the website. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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