Saturday, June 14, 2014

Looking to the future

I have been a very poor blogger. I can't believe it has been as long as it has been since my last post. Of course, if you are a friend or acquaintance, you know that in November my husband and I were hit doubly when my mother and his father died within four days of each other. From mid-November, it was all systems go as we traveled to the States for two weeks for my mother's memorial service and in order to take care of her final business. We returned and immediately drove from Edinburgh Airport, where our car was parked, down to Sussex for my father-in-law's funeral. So, whilst my blogging absence is excusable, it is something that must be remedied.

In addition to going through all the family stuff. I have been very busy with my sterling and gemstone work and this page has been the main victim of my 'busy-ness' in other areas. But I am going to attempt to resolve that by making myself a schedule that will include the very important part of my business that is blogging!

If you have checked out the offerings on the Selkie’s Haunt website (, you will note that I am continuing to work with the beautiful lampwork glass beads of Anita Lawrence. I love Anita’s work – the abstract use of colour to create amazing depth and intensity of colour and design. I have two large rectangular beads of Anita’s to work with and hope to be working with those very soon.  I also have some wonderful new focal beads of natural stone, so those will soon be gracing the pages of the website.  Look for new pieces that showcase ocean jasper and African green opal, amongst others.

I intend to work more with copper sheet in the months to come in order to create more geometrical and dimensional jewellery. Working with copper and bronze is very rewarding and whilst the stones aren’t as sparkling and enchanting as the AAA-grade stones of the Ailleas Designs by Martha Mawson, I get great enjoyment from the work. I can do more with the metal because I am not constrained by weight limits regarding hallmarks.

I also intend to create some beautiful bracelets in the weeks to come. At this point, there are no bracelets available on the website. I simply haven’t had time up to this point, but my scaling back on markets means I have more time to create. I couldn’t be more thrilled than I am with the proposition of spending more time in my studio creating beautiful jewellery.

I am going to close this blog by highlighting one of my favourite new pieces. This necklace with matching earrings is called ‘Purple Rain.’ The focal bead is a stunning rainbow fluorite with its shades of purple and green. The necklace is made up of A-grade amethyst cubes, deep purple amethyst rounds and beautiful green fancy jasper. The earrings are comprised these same stones. Be sure to see the listing on the website for full details and price. 

As always, I thank you for your interest in The Selkie’s Haunt and hope you will find a piece of jewellery there that speaks to your heart.