Sunday, November 5, 2017

Forgive my lateness...

I am so sorry I was not able to get this blog up on the 1st of the month, as I usually do. I have been seriously busy with getting my fine jewellery site transactional and published. That happened today. Unfortunately, events during the month of October has impacted on my work. I will explain more of that later.

Firstly, dates for this year's holiday purchases. For any orders in the UK, I would ask that orders be placed no later than December 20th. This will give us adequate time to get the package to you by December 25th. For any international orders, if you could please place your orders by November 20th, that would give the international postal service plenty of time, once again, to get packages to their destinations by Christmas.

Secondly, I hope to add some additional bracelets - in both chained and bangle style - to the offerings by mid- month. I am also working on some gem set rings and some pendants. Hopefully, they will be online and ready to go within a couple of week.

Finally, just to let you know what is going on so you can understand my situation. After nearly three years of remission, my husband's cancer has returned. While the original cancer was located in his bowel, it has returned and has shown up in several liver lesions. This is not an ideal place for recurrence of the cancer. Chris has had two additional scans - scheduled within days of the news - and we are now awaiting a letter from the surgeon so we can find out what happens now. Any wishes or prayers of support will be most welcome.

That's about it for this month. I will have the newsletter out to you within the next few hours. If you are not amongst my subscribers, please do take the time to subscribe by clicking HERE. The newsletters not only offer news on what is happening and events that are occurring, but provide subscribers with discount codes for their purchases. It costs nothing to subscribe and you only receive one newsletter a month.

Thank you for your interest in The Selkie's Haunt. I appreciate your support.