Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More to come!

While a great deal of my time has been spent creating new pieces for the various stockists and sourcing display paraphernalia, I have finally had some time to create some lovely new pieces of jewellery. I am now awaiting some lovely tiles now on which I can photograph said pieces. Suffice it to say, the muse has been present, helpful and incredibly inspiring. I adore working with the beautiful stones I've sourced and the bronze and copper. While I had hoped that I would be able to create more affordable pieces - and they are more affordable than those offered by the Ailleas Designs side of the business - I am spending more time creating with the metal because I am not hindered by weight restrictions. I have just completed a necklace with a bamboo stone focal, graywood pokalets and labradorite. The labradorite is A-grade and each and every link of the necklace was handmade using .8mm bronze wire. The price tag? This one will sell for £82. However, I promise it is worth every penny. It really is a stunning piece. Photos to come as soon as the tile arrives.

Along with that piece, I have created a dozen or so more earrings, in both copper and bronze, and most of these are falling within the £29-34 mark. The designs are singular, to be sure. What I love most about the process is my complete surprise when I get to the end. I never know what I am creating until I have completed the process. It is fascinating for me to watch as somehow designs appear from the wire and stone. That is the beauty of what I do - the sheer randomness of designs.

I have so much more to complete. I only have one copper bracelet at this point and no brooches or pins (there are both bracelets and brooches at The Perfume Studio & Aroma Cafe), so I need to get busy and create some of those to include on the website. Visitor numbers are low and I completely understand. The site hasn't really changed since the first of February. I've been so busy getting ready for the start of the season. But I promise the site will change - dramatically - sometime in the next week. So please do continue to check. I promise it will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, here is a photo of a new piece taken when I was experimenting with using hessian cloth as the background (result - a great, big, fat, hairy NO!). This is called Malachite Moon. When I was working with the copper disk (which I cut from a copper sheet and chased and repoussed with a hammer), it reminded of the moon and its surface of craters. The malachite is stunning - A-grade and equaling (if I remember correctly) about 80 carats. A lovely piece. (Will be even lovelier when photographed on a tile.)