Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A new collection

Several months ago, I purchased a lovely lampwork bead from a very talented glass artist who happens to have a website that is hosted by the same company that hosts my website. I immediately fell in love with her focal beads and when I received the bead, I was not in the least disappointed. Like most items of jewellery, the bead was even more beautiful 'in person.' The necklace that resulted from the partnership of Anita Lawrence's lampwork bead and my stones and wood is, if I say so myself, quite beautiful. I call it 'Blue Jean Baby.' The colours of the lampwork bead lead me to choose nangka wood and lapis lazuli for the necklace.
'Blue Jean Baby'

Soon thereafter, I found myself looking at Anita's offerings again. I purchased a second lampwork and then another. After creating two more beautiful necklaces, I made the decision to purchase three more so that I could offer a lampwork collection of six necklaces. Each necklace will have complementary earrings to make a coordinated set. I am so pleased with what has resulted and photographs will be taken very soon.

The lampwork beads, all abstract and full of colours and textures, are created with great care and talent by Anita. Her website, Birtle Bead Studio, displays her lampwork beads and her own lampwork jewellery. I highly recommend you see her work and read about her beautiful lampwork creations. I am so glad I found Anita and I hope to have a long and successful partnership with her. 

With many events taking place throughout October, November and December, I have been busy creating more pieces for both The Selkie's Haunt and for Ailleas Designs. I have added new stones to both collections. One of the lampwork necklaces features beautiful, tiny genuine turquoise faceted rondelles. Because of the size of the rondelles, the stones have been stabilised for strength (turquoise is a very soft stone), but it is genuine gemstone quality turquoise and you can see that in the vibrant colour. Another new necklace for The Selkie's Haunt features a stunning African green opal. I am excited about all the new pieces and promise they will soon be posted on the websites so you can see them.

In the meantime, please visit the websites to see what is currently on offer. Christmas is not that far away and it is time to start thinking about what the special ladies on your Christmas wish would love to find under the tree or in their stocking.