Friday, December 1, 2017

Cabochon crazy...

One of the ways I've found to deal with my anxiety right now is retail therapy. For me, that doesn't mean designer handbags or shoes or anything new for the house. Nope, for me that means shopping for gemstones and jaspers, agates, etc. I've added two new strings of pearls to my collection and I've added nearly a dozen new cabochons as well. 

As many of you know, I am pretty watchful about my sources - always trying to assure that my stones are not only genuine, but sourced and cut with care. I very happily came across a small UK-based family business that carefully sources and meticulously hand cuts truly remarkable jaspers and agates (along with some other stones - but not gemstones). And while these cabochons are bit more expensive than those I've purchased in the past, I think you will agree that they are worth it.

Many of these jaspers are considered "collector" pieces. These are often from mines that are no longer active, some as the stones have simply been mined out. I can't wait to start making new designs with these stones - while many are ideal for pendants, I can imagine some of the smaller ones being showcased in statement art rings. Those that I am sharing here are just four of the many I have added to my collection. Just wait and see - we are all in for a treat with these beauties.

So, to the stones themselves - and please remember that if you see a stone here that you particularly like, we can always discuss a commission using that particular stone. These stones, by their very nature, are completely and utterly singular. There is only one of each - and they are so, so special.

Bruneau Jasper - this jasper comes from near Mt. Home in Idaho. The colours and striations remind of creme brulée or creme caramel. I love this cabochon - incredibly "soft" and romantic.

Morrisonite Jasper - this jasper comes from the Owyhee Mountains in eastern Oregon. This is a blue Morrisonite and the colours and patterns are mesmerising. This jasper will make a stunning pendant.

Willow Creek Jasper - How beautiful, feminine, and elegant is this jasper? This jasper comes from the Boise, Idaho area and is considered one of America's finest jaspers, with almost a porcelain china look to it. Again, a pendant will be the perfect way to showcase this stone. I intend to buy more of this particular jasper. So pretty. Some of the jaspers they have in stock remind me of Clarice Cliff china. 

Septarian Nodule - Septarian nodule (also referred to as Dragon Stone) is a perplexing stone to geologists, who aren't completely sure how they are formed. The name comes from the Latin word septum, for partition, referring to the partitions that form in the "cracks" of the stone. This particular septarian displays a perfect square of pyrite that shows through on the surface.

These will probably start appearing on the website in early January. Keep an eye out. And, of course, I will share the new designs as they emerge from the studio.