Friday, July 1, 2016

Brooches prove popular - designs and antiquing

I was fairly confident that brooches would prove popular, and I was right. I sold a fair few during the last market and have now provided Lael Craft Gallery with some brooches and will be providing the Aultbea Hotel with some, as well. And I've been getting very creative with them. 

Introducing designs on designs:

In both these cases, I have attached lovely accents to the ends of the penannular brooches and, in the case of the copper on copper, I have attached an accent to the pin as well. The second brooch, which is destined for the hotel, has sterling silver accents. I am very pleased with these designs and will be using this design method more in future.  

In addition to adding accents, I have been taking advantage of my ever-so-smelly patination solution to add age to my pieces. You can see it in both the brooches above. In addition, I have used patination with a pair of earrings:

I have been on a bit of a creative binge with the bronze and copper jewellery, but time has come to get some beautiful new pieces of fine jewellery made. I have just completed my first hand-knotted pearl necklace and will be doing a second one very shortly. In addition, I will be making some beautiful earrings using faceted set stones, and the penannular brooches will be created in sterling silver with cabochon accents. I am so looking forward to sitting down with my silver and gold again. 

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