Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sneak peak (of sorts) ...

I have been very busy with commissions, and it has kept me from increasing my stock. A recent wholesale order has drastically reduced the stock of bracelets, so they will be next on the list of makes for The Selkie's Haunt. In addition to the stone designs I have done in the past, I will be creating some wonderful bangles for your perusal. And, amongst the new designs, you are likely to find a lovely set gemstone cabochon.

Cabochons from my rapidly growing collection.
I love cabochons and some of the stones shown here in this photo - labradorite, amethyst, lapis, bloodstone, peridot, amongst others - complement the tones of both bronze and copper. I am looking forward to creating more pieces using cabochons. My supplier in Hatton Garden has a huge choice of high quality gemstone cabochons from which I can choose. My collection is quite large already - I can only imagine how many more I will add over time. I must admit that I have little resistance to beautiful, colourful stones. And it always amazes me how much they add to a piece of jewellery. While I love the uncomplicated look of simple bronze or copper jewellery, there really is something so special about that little flash of colour.

I have come to realise how very much my artistic pursuits mean to me. As I find myself edging closer and closer to retirement age, I wonder what I would do if I now longer was able to make jewellery. Truth is, I couldn't do without it. It makes me look forward to getting into the studio and creating little treasures. Unfortunately, I have not had as much energy to give to my work lately.

If you follow my fine jewellery website or Facebook page, you will note that I recently closed my commission book due to health concerns. I've never believed in beating around the bush, so I will let you know now that I am currently undergoing investigations for cancer. My next appointment is at Raigmore Hospital on April 4 and I am hoping that we will know more after this appointment. And what will be, will be. But I will not allow ill health to keep me from the joy that creating jewellery gives. It may simple mean, for the time being, that I have to cut back on the amount of time I dedicate to my work. I am just so very, very tired. But, hopefully, we will discover the cause and take care of it and I can get back to having the energy levels I had before. So, if you could send your most positive wishes my way, I would be most grateful.

I hope to be sharing new designs with you over the weeks to come. One commission is in the final stages, the next will take no more than a couple of weeks, and two pairs of earrings commissioned at the first market of the season will take a day to complete. Then it's time for me to have some fun designing for myself and for my stockists!