Saturday, October 1, 2016

Christmas is Coming!

As it is now October 1st, I think we can say the season for gift shopping has officially begun. And I am looking forward to providing lovely jewellery gifts for folks who are looking for that special, exclusive piece of artisan jewellery to give to their friend or family member. I've been keeping very busy with lots of new makes. My goal is to upload at least 12 more items before mid-October - more in each category of my shop - to give you plenty of choice when doing your Christmas shopping.

This time of year makes choosing stones so much fun. Most natural stones are very earthy colours so, at this time of year, the stones match the season. My great love for creating leaf-like designs plays into the season as well, as I plan to include many autumnal pieces in the new offerings - bronze and copper complemented by rusts, dark greens, greys, and reds. I shall be adding more pieces that include very organic designs and these will carry over into bracelets and brooches. I've recently purchased some beautiful heavy tube beads in agate and jasper. They are amazing and look fabulous in chunky pieces that suit the heavier clothes of Autumn and Winter. I'm sure you will find many pieces you like when the new pieces are uploaded. And don't forget my lovely chunky brooches - they will look perfect with a shawl, scarf and on the cowl of a heavy winter sweater!

In addition to the new designs and makes in The Selkie's Haunt, I am working very hard on getting new pieces ready for the fine jewellery business, Ailleas Designs. The brand is getting a whole new look starting at the end of November, along with all the new designs that include set gemstones and touches of 18ct gold. In fact, over the next month, I am working on two commissioned pieces - both completely 18ct gold with set gemstones. I love working with gold, but I am always pleased when clients begin the consultation with, "I know it's going to be expensive." Gold of this quality is expensive, but so worth it. I can't wait to finish these pieces and present them to their owners. It is going to be so special. Other designs for Ailleas Designs were created for the British Red Cross annual Fashion Show in London. I was invited to create and donate pieces for a pop-up designer boutique. I am humbled by the names of the other designers with which I will be sharing space. Very exciting and will hopefully get the word out there.

It feels as if my business, my brand, is finally gaining real recognition and appreciation. They say it can take years for a business to become established and, if true, I am probably right on schedule. I've been running my business for close to 7 years now. Time for success, I think.

In addition to all my "professional creativity," I am crocheting a huge blanket for my granddaughter. It is all go here, that's for sure. But soon enough, Christmas will be over and it will be time for a little quiet. Of course, I look forward to spending more time in the studio over the winter months, creating even more beautiful jewellery for 2017.