Thursday, June 9, 2016

Introducing "Moira"

From the first moment I decided on the name "The Selkie's Haunt", I have been searching for the perfect illustration. A dear friend, who is also a talented artist, created a selkie for me, but it just didn't seem to fit as I wished. I knew what I wanted, but couldn't explain it. And then I saw exactly what I wanted - a search on "selkie" brought up an image for a page on DeviantArt. The artist, Kate O'Keefe, creates amazing artwork and illustrations. I loved her selkie - exactly the kind of art I had hoped for for so many years.  I found Kate's contact information, wrote her a note, and waited for her answer.

Kate responded with a resounding "yes" to my proposal of a commissioned selkie. I provided Kate with the details of the landscape and even sent along a photograph of bog cotton - so prevalent around here. Kate did her research, too, looking at my website and seeing the sort of jewellery I make. She used the designs to create the jewellery the selkie has discovered in the painting. 

After backing and forthing with sketches and suggestions, Kate presented me with my completed painting. It took and continues to take my breath away. I love the feel of it - like a classic illustration to a children's book of fairy tales. When I debuted my selkie on Facebook, one of my most loyal customers said the illustration matches my brand perfectly. That, that statement, was exactly what I hoped for. 

Since Kate sent me my beautiful selkie, I have put the selkie on everything that has to do with my business. She will grace my display, my business cards, my receipts, my informational flyers, my letterhead, my certificates. She is here on the blog, on my newsletter, on the website, and on my social media pages, from Facebook to Twitter. She will be not just my "mascot", but I have no doubt she will be my good luck charm as well, and my muse. I look forward to receiving the hard copy of this painting. She will be framed in something befitting her beauty and will hang on the wall to inspire me every single day.

Kate is a talented illustrator/artist and you can see more of her work on her website, To me, her art is reminiscent of the best of the bygone illustrators for classic children's books. Her illustrations remind me very much of Arthur Rackham, who I've long considered THE best illustrator for children's books. This image of my selkie fills me with such joy and I have no doubt she will charm my clients as well.

I have decided to call my selkie Moira. Moira is Scottish Gaelic for "star of the sea." Moira is that, indeed, and more. She is the personification of what I want my artwork to be - elegant, charming, magical, one-of-a-kind, and something that makes you smile. We will make a good team, Moira and I. 


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