Monday, August 1, 2016

A busy summer...

I am thrilled to announce that I've added two more Poolewe Tuesday Markets to my schedule of events for the summer. I'm so pleased. I really enjoy the markets - both the visitors and the other stallholders make it such a joy. I recently purchased an antique sterling silver pocket watch from one of the other stallholders (he has lovely antiques) to give Chris as an anniversary present. Another stallholder created a stunning piece of pewter art, which I immediately had to have. I feel very strongly about our community supporting each other.

While I have been busy creating more pieces for The Selkie's Haunt, my attention is now on creating new pieces for my fine jewellery line, Ailleas Designs by Martha Mawson. I am aiming for a
relaunch of the website - and the introduction of beautiful new designs incorporating 18ct gold and faceted gemstones - around 1 October. Of course, like all my plans, I realise I have to be flexible. Living with severe arthritis due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome means I have to realise that I am sometimes limited by chronic pain. I was planning on more time in the studio today, but instead I have to change my plans. Thankfully, I can spend the day with my legs up, sitting on the sofa and working on my blogs and my newsletters. There is always something I can do, despite my pain levels. (The HMRC requires that self-employed individuals spend at least 16 hours a week working - I've reported to them that my normal week is 34 hours - which is probably several hours short of what I actually do.)

So far, I've created five new pairs of earrings for one of the collections. I am aiming for six pieces of each collection and each category within the collection. Some collections will include pieces I already have. This means well over 100 new pieces of jewellery, and it is going to take some time; it will be well worth it in the end. In addition, I have to keep up stock levels for my stockists and for myself. I have two more weekends at the GALE Centre this year and a three-day event here in Aultbea next week. But I am happiest when I am busy and when I am out meeting folks and sharing my passion for my handcrafted jewellery. If only my pain would cooperate.

I don't have any new makes for The Selkie's Haunt to share with you at this time, but there are still so many beautiful pieces on offer through the website. I invite you to pop over and look over the pieces that are all one-offs - no repeats of design. That is what I love most about my work - that I can offer customers a piece of jewellery that speaks to them and they will be the only person to ever own that design. How special is that?

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