Monday, January 1, 2018

Wishing You a Wonderful 2018

Another year has flown by. And what a year it has been. While I could dwell on the sad and shocking, I am, instead, going to focus on all that was wonderful. A new granddaughter - what could be better. She is starting the new year by having mastered crawling. Oh, her poor mum! It really gets busy now.

For me, the new year is going to be one of sitting down and getting to work - creating beautiful jewellery with amazing materials. If you are a frequent visitor to my Facebook page (click here), you will have experienced seeing the photographs of the amazing cabochons I have been collecting over the last couple of months. While some will be reserved for work with sterling silver, there are several that will most obviously be used in settings with bronze or copper. My first thought is of this amazing
stone of orpheus agate. It is so beautiful. I will be setting this with copper - either as a statement ring or as a brooch. Either way, it will be amazing addition to someone's collection of jewellery. These stones are rare - most of them from areas where the stones have been depleted or the habitat has been destroyed (shame on humans). Many of these specimens have come from collectors and I have been amazed at the cost and value of these stones. I will be using them in bezel settings, I would not wish to drill the stone. Please do check out the Facebook page. I have displayed a photo album of the pieces available and would love to create something special just for you. Find a stone that speaks to you and make it your own, and together we can create something amazing.

It has been nearly a decade now since I started my business. I started making jewellery out of a need to occupy myself when we returned to States to help my mother following my father's death. It was late 2008 and the economy had tanked. Jobs were scarce on the ground, more so for those over 50. And for the 14 months it took me to find a job, I found my fulfilment in making jewellery. And that sense of fulfilment has continued ever since. Nothing makes me happier than sitting at my bench creating beautiful art with materials that are, in their very essence, the treasures of nature. I intend to keep doing this until I am no longer able to hold the tools or see the intricate work I must do. And even then, I will teach my granddaughters so that they can continue after I'm gone.

Jewellery is very subjective. Unless you are buying costume jewellery for a night out or a party, one usually buys jewellery only when it "speaks" to you. When you come across that one piece that you know must be yours. That is how I want my clients to feel.  Creating this jewellery brings me such joy. I want you to feel that same joy when you wear it.

This year, I will be creating the bridal jewellery and wedding bands for my darling step-daughter and her fiancé. I will be creating the wedding bands for a dear and cherished friend, and I will, no doubt, be creating more pieces made with love and passion. That is what it is all about.

Happy New Year.

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